Loving Seche Vite

IMG_1282Ok, I know that I am eons late to the party, but I just recently discovered Seche Vite.

Before finding what has become a necessary step when I do my nails, I have used various clear top coats: from Essie to L’Oréal to Kiko. And while my nail lacker lasted longer than when I would wear it on its own, it is nothing compared to Seche Vite!

I am besotted. I confess it. I love how it makes my nail colour last longer without chipping and it also keeps my nails shiny for longer. And it also makes your nail polish dry faster? This is the result of a miraculous alignment of the planets!

I do not know what else to say to convince you to try it if you have not discovered this little treasure yet. Go get it!

8 thoughts on “Loving Seche Vite

  1. I’ve never heard of it before lol..😂 sounds great though! I don’t paint my nails s lot but I think that’s mainly because the effort isn’t worth it for it to just chip off after a day or two😕 But this might stop that problem!☺️ thanks for this post it was very helpful xx

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      1. That sounds like a plan☺️ I’ve been hooked on brooklyn nine nine over the holidays! I can’t get enough of Jake Peralta!☺️


  2. I think I am the only person in the world who wasn’t impressed with Seche Vite! it was ok but didn’t really extend my nail polish life by that long. My favorite top coat is from Sephora X collection.


    1. Well, I bet that it is like make up, not everything works on everybody.

      But I am writing down the Sephora suggestion for when I have the chance to visit a store 😉


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