Battiste: a miss

Batiste XXL Volume

As I like doing things in convoluted and mysterious ways, my first dry shampoo was not Batiste, but an Osis+ which I reviewed here.

So, when I saw this 50ml container of the famed Batiste on an online shop, I thought I would give it a try and take it with me on a trip. As you can imagine,  silly that I am, I came back with an intact bottle, so as I ran out of Osis+ I thought that I would finally give it a try.

I am not sure if it might have been an issue with this particular formula, but I have not really liked it as much as I like the Osis+ one (of which I am on my second bottle now). My impression is that I had to use more product and consequently there was more white residue on my hair. Also, despite it being a volumizer formula, it did not do much for my hair. Finally, and perhaps more importantly, what I love about the Osis+ one is that not only does it refresh your hair, but it gives body to your hair and leaves it soft as silk. It is hard to describe but the Batiste one definitely did not get nowhere near that feeling.

So if you have the chance, give the Osis+ dry shampoos a try.


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