How to depot the Zoeva Mixed Metals palette


In my never ending quest to have all my eyeshadows in free-form palettes, it  didn’t take me long after this palette first arrived to figure out that it would actually be very easy to depot.

As the pans, the same size than a regular MAC eyeshadow, are actually in a cardboard palette, you do not need many tools or complicated instructions, just some scissors and some spare time.

First step: detach the cardboard casing




The pans are glued to a cardboard casing. This casing is glued in turn to a rigider cardboard casing that constitutes the lid.

The first step is to separate this two cardboard structures.





They are attached by a thin line of glue that stretches all around the edges.

Step 2: detach the pans




The pans are simply glued to the cardboard, so by simply bending the cardboard you will be able to detach the metallic pans.


As you can see, this cardboard casing is not that difficult to bend simply using your hands and a bit of pressure. Be careful not to put any pressure on the pans so that they do not bend and crack.

Step 3: label your pans





For this you will need your pans, some white labels and a marker. I have writen the name of the shadow and the name of the brand.


Some pans may still have a dot of glue on their bottoms. As you can see above you can easily peel that dot before attaching the label.

And that’s it! Easy peasy!

So, do you have any depotting project?


4 thoughts on “How to depot the Zoeva Mixed Metals palette

    1. A mi al principio me daba reparo, pero al ir acumulando trastos, sobre todo sombras individuales, y que no les diese el uso que podría simplemente por la pereza de tener que rebuscar en el cajon, me hizo cambiar de idea 😉

      Pero es como todo, a cada cual el sistema que le funcione!

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