Latest discovery: Zoeva 142/Concealer Buffer

Zoeva 142/Concealer Buffer

  I must say that the Zoeva 142/Concealer Buffer brush (8.80€) had picked my curiosity for a long time. I had seen it in various blogs and I thought that the size and shape could be something interesting to play with.

It is a small round shaped and tapered brush made of synthetic bristles. It is quite dense, and so you can really buff products in. However, it is also very soft, so no fear of irritating your skin.

Zoeva 142/Concealer Buffer


I had seen people like Siobhan from LetzMakeUp praise it as the perfect tool to blend your undereye concealer so I bought it with that purpose in mind.

However, by the time it arrived, I had been playing with cream eyeshadows for a week, so as it has synthetic bristles I thought what if I apply my cream eyeshadows with it?

Zoeva 142/Concealer Buffer


Well I can only say that it does a marvelous job of it! Until then all the brushes that I had tried applying my cream eyeshadows with were the typical concealer paddle shaped ones. I did not like them for that purpose. However, I love how this brush applies and blends creams to the eyelid. No more fingers in pots for me!

The thing is that my Soft Ochre paint pot has completely monopolised this brush so I have yet to try to blend my concealer with it!

All in all, I am either going to buy another Concealer Buffer brush or another synthetic blending brush. As much as I love cream eyeshadows, how come that it took me so long to find these?

2 thoughts on “Latest discovery: Zoeva 142/Concealer Buffer

    1. It is a very handy brush and at a very interesting price!

      I am looking at acquiring either another concealer buffer or a synthetic soft definer brush so I have two brushes to apply cream shadows


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