Bazaar findings

Eyebrow razor, cotton swabs and a glass mini bowl


I love to enter those bazaar stores where you can find anything and everything. I love walking down their crowded aisles and trying to find a bargain or something that I could use (not always for its original intended purpose!).

Many times I will find small containers or household items, or things that I can use at work (right now I am working with children), but it is also true that sometimes you can fing some hidden beauty gems!

 In this occasion I came home with an eyebrow razor, some pointed cotton swabs and a glass mini bowl.

Right now I use a Make Up Store eyebrow razor and comb gadget, but honestly, at 0.75€ each, I’d rather take the bazaar ones!

In my country you don’t find pointed cotton swabs very frequently, so when I saw these (and at only 0.90€) I grabbed a box. Perfect to clean little mistakes and to reach all kinds of corners.

Finally, I have had the idea of a mixing palette in my mind for quite a while. But while I was in the store I saw this little glass bowl and thought that this could work as well! I have used quite a few times already and I really like it; I used to mix my foundations on the back of my hand but this is more convenient and cleaner.

What about you? Any little treasures found in the cheap stores?

6 thoughts on “Bazaar findings

  1. Oh yes! I found three packets of good cotton the other day for less than 3 euros! You can PROBABLY find even cheaper stuff, but that’s the kind that feels rough on the skin and leaves fluff behind. When I saw the packs of three there, I wasn’t going to walk away without one!


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