How to depot: Make Up Store Microshadows and Cybershadows

Scissors, nail clipper, knife, tea candle, lighter, eyeshadows and cardboard

When I started depoting all of my powder products, the first thing I did was run to youtube for some good depoting tutorials. There are plenty of MAC tutorials, but at the time I did not find a single tutorial for Make Up Store eyeshadows!

I didn’t give up though, and I discovered that the brand is in fact the easiest to depot that I have encountered to date! After figuring out how to depot them, I currently have all my MUS eyeshadows and blushes in Z-palettes.

So, I thought that as I had a few MUS Microshadows and Cybershadows to depot, I could photography the steps so that others could too depot theirs. The eyeshadow featured is a Microshadow, but as Cybershadows have the same pots only smaller sized, the same method can be used with those.

Necessary items

  • Eyeshadows
  • Tea candle and lighter
  • Knife, preferably one that you do not use to cook
  • Nail clipper, useful if you need to cut through the plastic casing or to use as thongs if the plastic casing becomes too hot while you hold it over the candle
  • Scissors, to cut the labels
  • Cardboard, as a working surface. It helps you keep your desk clean and cushions the impact if an eyeshadow slips and falls
  • Paper tissues, I use them to protect my fingers from the heat (forgot to include it in the picture above!)

First of all, I prefer the heat method, specifically the tea candle method, so keep in mind that you are working with fire and a sharp object (knife) and that when melting the plastic can emit fumes. To summarize take all necessary precautions.


Step 1: organize your desk

Step 1: organize your desk

Arrange the cardboard in front of you so you can use it as your work surface. Light up the candle and position it at a comfortable distance.


Step 2: peel the label

Step 2: heat the label

For some this is a very obvious step, but the first time I depoted an eyeshadow I did not know that you could reuse the labels!

Simply put the pot close to the flame for a few seconds (not for too long or the label will burn).

Step 2: peel off the label

Next, use the knife to try to peel the edge of the label. If the label doesn’t give easily, put it back near the flame for a couple more seconds.

Step 2: peel off the label

And simply peel off the label and keep it next to you for later use


Step 3: expose the bottom of the pan casing

Step 3: insert the knife into the gap

As opposed to MAC, exposing the bottom of the plastic casing that surrounds the pan is very easy.

The plastic where the label is attached is glued to the casing, so simply insert your knife in the gap left between the casing and the plastic bottom.

Step 3: pry away the bottom panel

Then carefully jam your knife there and with some wiggle movement and some pressure it will pop.

Step 3: pry away the bottom panel


Step 4: melt the casing

Step 4: melt the casing

I like to hold the pot over the candle by grabbing the lid, they are handy that way!

Also, I keep nearby a tissue folded several times lengthwise as it is very useful when you handle the hot pot.

Step 4: melt the casing

After 15 or 20 seconds, try pushing your eyeshadow pan out of the casing by pushing with your knife through the pliable plastic. If it does not give, hold it over the flame for a few more seconds.

Be careful and do not put unnecessary pressure, least the eyeshadow goes flying all the way across the room (it has happened).

Step 5: melt the casing


Step 5: label the pan

Step 5: label the pan

While the glue that attached the pan to the casing is still hot, attach the label back to the pan.

Keep in mind that MUS labels are bigger than the pans (MAC labels are smaller than the pans though) so there will be excess to trim off. Be careful and attach the side with the name on it first so that the excess does not contain important information.

All the depoted eyeshadows

To depot these 8 eyeshadows it took me around 35 minutes, so it is quite a quick procedure that will allow you to organise your make up as you wish.

Once you have all your eyeshadows depoted, it is time to find them a place in your palette!

8 thoughts on “How to depot: Make Up Store Microshadows and Cybershadows

    1. At first, and after hearing so many horror stories, I too was scared. I’ve found that the only trick is being really patient and not rushing it, to allow the plastic to really melt so that the pan pops out easily.

      However, as I mention in the post, the MUS blushes and eyeshadows have to be one of the easiest to depot!


    1. Breath deeply and just do it! 😉

      I find it much more practical to have my powder products in palettes. I am considering depoting my naked palette as well since I never use it!


  1. Hello Tirurit,

    Beautifully done and explained. Personally, I prefer blog posts over videos, because they seem to get to the point quicker. As an added bonus, you can bookmark the post and review the information to your heart’s content.



    1. Thank you! Personally, I think with photography you can get more specific details as opposed to video, so I thought it would be perfect to showcase this brand that is not that well known


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