New: Make Up Store Cybershadows

IMG_0945 The Make Up Store’s Cybershadows featured today are eyeshadows with a metallic finish which are the same size as a MAC eyeshadow. In this case I brought home three that could be considered variations of gold and two in the purple family. IMG_0946   The first three shades are Venus, Gold and Sable. As with all MUS Cybershadows, they are the same size than a MAC eyeshadow and they contain 2g of product.


Venus is a slightly is a light peach shade with a golden finish. It is really beautiful.

I have a pigment by MUS called Lady that is a cool pink with a gold sheen that I love despite it being a bit too cool for my complexion on its own. Well, Venus is what I always wanted Lady to be!


Gold is a difficult colour to describe. A warm gold? A brownish gold? It kind of reminds me of MAC’s Patina but on the warmer side, if that makes sense. As the rest, it has a beautiful shine to it.

Sable is a beautiful bronze with perhaps a dash of pink and a golden shine to it. Stunning!


The two purples that I got are Bordeaux and Metallic Plum. Needless to say both are really beautiful!


Bordeaux is a warmer purple but it has blue and pink shimmer which makes it gorgeous.

IMG_0964   Metallic plum is a cooler purple with pink shimmer. It seems though as if both purples have less of a metallic finish than the three previous shades.

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