Inspiration: DIY, the beauty edition


DIYitis. It is quite a common ailment among bloggers that involves getting reacquainted with all kinds of tools, sharp objects and glues that one thought had stayed in one’s childhood. We are always looking for new ways to organize our make up, to store our brushes, to mix shades or to take photographs of said make up.

I, for one, am not immune to this ailment, so it is not unheard of to find me browsing many a crafty post or blog. Recently I bookmarked a few that I think could be really helpful:

  • Makeup and Beauty Blog had this fantastic post on how to turn paper bags onto storage solutions for your drawers.
  • After loving the canister my Wayne Goss brushes came in, I found ideas here and here on how to repurpose other types of canisters. Craft project in the near future!

  • Blushableme is even more crafty, as she built her own DIY light box! Post here.
  • Not exactly beauty per se, but after reading this post by Iheartorganizing, I thought that I could use the plastic pouches the ZOEVA brushes come in for a similar purpose! Much better than having a knot of cables in a drawer.
  • Self-promo! I repurposed empty chocolates’ boxes in my previous post here.

PS: in upcoming posts I will talk about repurposed cutlery trays, pill containers, empty scrub jars and wooden trays.

Any tricks up your sleeve?

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