Spotlight on: my MAC Mineralize blushes

MAC Mineralize blushes

MAC’s Mineralize blushes are a magpies dream! They are pigmented and reflect light in a gorgeous way, so of course I have bought a few of them over time.

The only disadvantage that they had was that I didn’t use them very frequently because they used to hid in my drawer. Now that they have been depoted (onto a Dome Z-palette) I expect that they will be used much more and that some other Mineralize blush might join them!

MAC Amber Glow, Lavish Living, Petal Power and Talk of the Town Mineralize blushes

As you can see from the picture above, the Mineralize products are baked on top of a terracotta pan. So in order to store them in a free-form palette like the Z-palette, I attached metal stickers to them (and their labels as well!).

The four Mineralize blushes that I currently own are:

MAC Amber Glow and Lavish Living
  • Amber Glow, is a blush that was launched in the Apres Chic collection in Spring 2013. It was described as a warm peach, and it is a very beautiful mix of pink and peach with a luminous finish and golden reflection. It blends really well and is quite light, so sometimes I have used it as a highlighter.
  • Lavish Living, is a blush that was launched in the Divine Night collection for Holiday 2013. It is a plum blush with golden and silver shimmer, which gives it a metallic quality.
MAC Petal Power and Talk of the Town
  • Petal Power, this is a blush that was launched as part of the Fantasy of Flowers collection in Spring 2014. It is a warm pink, or perhaps coral, with gold shimmer. If you buff it in it is quite metallic, stunning!
  • Talk of the Town, was also part of the Holiday 2013 Divine Night collection. This blush is a shimmery dusty rose colour. Unfortunately, the texture of this one is grittier and it does not apply as smoothly as the others. However, as it does not give much colour but more of a sheen, it does not become much of a problem.

I have also seen the much affordable Milani Baked Blushes being compared to these and being given very good reviews, so they are also an option if you fancy trying the formula!

10 thoughts on “Spotlight on: my MAC Mineralize blushes

  1. I hope MAC releases something like Lavish Living, again, because that looks like such a beautiful shade! I like the looks Petal Power, as well, although it does remind me a bit of NARS Orgasm, which I own.


    1. I keep seeing Warm Sould everywhere, it seems that it is an everyday shade that is very flattering. I might have to look into that one!

      Perhaps its the golden shimmer that reminds you of Orgasm. I have yet to try NARS blushes, as I would have to buy them sight unseen. How do you find them?


      1. I’ve been meaning to check out Warm Soul. It seems like everyone and their mother in the blogging world raves about it, so there must be something wonderful about it! 🙂

        My favorite blush of all time is NARS Madly. That being said, I don’t find NARS’ formula to be anything mind blowing like many people do, although I do really enjoy them. The formula is consistently good and reliable, but I think a lot of other brands have really stepped up their own formulas over the years. Overall, I’d say that every blush I’ve tried from them is of A quality, but there are a lot of other blushes out there with A quality, so it comes down more to color preferences, for me.

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  2. I actually haven’t tried a Mineralize Blush! I have tried a Skinfinish called Cheeky Bronze, but it’s a little too shimmery for me. I have combination skin, so I tread more carefully around radiance-enhancing products. I remember swatching Petal Power and being impressed tho! That is very much my color 🙂


    1. It is very pretty indeed!

      I too have combination skin, I guess that I am simply more reckless! 😉 Though I would not wear them in summer, as it is horrible! I have even had trouble applying make up because as soon as I was out of the shower I was sweating again!


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