How to: recycle chocolates’ containers to organize your make up drawers

Ferrero Rocher clear containers

I have previously mentioned that I am not very orthodox when it comes to organizing my drawers: I may use anything from cuttlery trays to all kinds of containers and baskets.

If I am honest, I have had my eye on some Muji trays for a long time, but shipping is crazily expensive in my country’s site, so I am hoarding Ferrero Rocher containers instead (pictured above)! And now with the holidays going on it is the perfect time to get your hands on some of them, so don’t throw those containers away!

Malm drawer, containers include boxes, baskets, all kinds of clear plastic containers and a metallic parfume set box

I have the much talked about Ikea Malm vanity and I am always looking for better ways of storing things in that drawer. The vanity is great as it has a good price, it has clean lines, is not too big and has a single big drawer which makes keeping your make up in one place easy. However, it has a big fault in my opinion, the stupid drawer will not open all the way! So if you put things in the back of the drawer you can not reach for them or see them properly.

Here is where the Ferrero Rocher containers are made of win! If you keep the bigger clear containers pushed to the back and the smaller containers in front of them, it fits perfectly into the Malm drawer. If you want to reach for your bigger container, simply take out the smaller ones and slide the bigger one towards the front.

Bigger clear containers pushed to the front to be able to reach what is in them

The two sizes are an ideal match for the drawer of the vanity and they cost you nothing if you have Ferrero Rochers in your home.

Ferrero Rocher 24 and 12 chocolates containers

The bigger size corresponds to a 24 chocolates box while the smaller box is the one containing 12 chocolates. As you can see above, I use the bigger ones to keep my cream eyeshadows in two neat rows (you could even put more pots in a single row on top of those two rows) and I use the smaller ones for bits and odds.

So what do you use to store your make up? Any interesting ideas?

21 thoughts on “How to: recycle chocolates’ containers to organize your make up drawers

  1. Hey, I DO THIS, TOO!!! I have this one box on my coffee table which holds my manicure essentials (remover, base coat, top coat…). You’re just giving me the incentive to EAT MORE CHOCOLATE now LOL I also have the box from NARS Digital World that I think will make a lovely new home for some bits and bobs.


    1. The Nars box looks beautiful, so no wonder you kept it.

      Well, please do not tell your dentist of this incentive to eat more sweets! I just thought that they were the perfect size and material 😉


  2. You have a brilliant mind. Yes, yes you do. I was just thinking today how I need to attempt to organize my makeup, but had no idea where to start. Thank you for this- I have so many chocolates from Christmas that this could work.. and I saw a post another blogger did about cutting up gift bags and using the bottoms as organizers as well. Sheer brilliance!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup


  3. I have the Malm dressing table and it drives me CRAZY that back 6″-7″ of the drawer isn’t as easily accessible. I have seen some beauty bloggers use the Ferrero Rocher containers in the past and it always looked like such a good idea, especially since acrylic drawer organizers are quite expensive. Unfortunately, I’m very allergic to nuts so everyone in my family and my boyfriend stay away from these chocolates, so I don’t think I’ll be accumulating any empty containers anytime soon. 😉
    PS: Your collection of MAC Paint Pots (or fluidlines?) looks so lovely!


    1. That is such a pity! Well, you can always find other everyday containers that may work for you or raid a friend’s house! hehe
      Confession time: I love stick and cream eyeshadows, they make the job so easy!! Those are mac paint pots, maybelline tattoos, clarins ombre mattes, kiko cream eyeshadows and a single laura mercier metalllic eyeshadow. The clarins ones have been a discovery, as they have some really pretty nude tones and are cheaper than mac! If you like paint pots though, keep your eyes open as there are new ones coming in a collection, february I think 😉


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