Mix and match: MAC Prolongwear + Wayne Goss 01

Le Blanc de Chanel, MAC Prolongwear foundation, MAC Face and Body and Wayne Goss 01

Actually, this is a for now perfect match, until I try other primers, as I’ve only tried the combination that includes Le Blanc de Chanel underneath MAC Prolongwear foundation mixed with some Face and Body and applied with Wayne Goss brush 01.

For some time now I have not been liking my MAC Prolongwear. Despite this, I am on my second bottle: I felt as if I could not find a foundation that could survive my combination skin and the stifling summer temperatures and not look cakey. Such a thing simply did not exist! So I made do with Prolongwear.

I would try applying more and less powder, this and that brush, but by the time I ended my work day, after having had to blot a couple times during the day, I would look in the mirror and cringe.

I have tried mixing it with MAC Face and Body and with Studio Moisturize Tint, and those lighter textures made it quite better. But today I decided that I had to finally try my Wayne Goss 01 and which foundation should I use but the one that looks worst on me! If the 01 could work wonders with Prolongwear then I could throw anything its way.


So I applied Le Blanc de Chanel, which I have been using quite a bit lately, and pumped some Prolongwear NC20 onto the back of my hand. Duh! A bit too dark and orangey for my winter skin! So I mixed it with some Face and Body in C1.

MAC Prolongwear NC20 with a dot of Face and Body C1

As soon as I started applying it, I couldn’t help but feeling that the brush was doing an excellent job. The strokes felt very soft and there were not many lines left. The coverage was good while light and it felt very smooth.

Blended mixture: has covered the tiny marks on the back of my hands

I set it lightly with some MAC Sheer Powder and I really liked the result: natural but luminous looking skin!

Not that this means that I will repurchase MAC Prolongwear, but it is nice to have found a way to get to finish the bottle without renouncing to looking your best!

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