Scandinavian inspiration


I am not sure if it is something in the air, if they all have gorgeous skin naturally or if flawless application is something you learn before you are able to vote, but I sure am seriously jealous of am inspired by the bloggers below.

They all share very good technique and they are able to be both very subtle and very bold, imaginative and colourful. Yet, in my opinion, they always retain a certain ethereal quality that I would love to be able to emulate (is it because of the light in northern latitudes?).

Also, it is very interesting to read their posts and see the products used as they tend to include brands not often heard of in the English speaking community. In fact, it was while I was browsing reviews for MUS products that I found Killer Colours for the first time!

Bonus blogger: Australian Karima from Shameless Friperies; because her style is somewhat similar, because I think she is cute and funny, makes me drool over brushes and has gorgeous looks like this glittery one that I crave, or this mermaid look that make me want to jump into the sea!

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