New: Kiko Daring Game Eyeshadow palette in 01Essential Brown


This autumn Kiko launched their Daring game collection, inspired by the world of casinos. It was a very sleek-looking collection and contained some fabulous palettes that included eyeshadow palettes and blush and bronzer palettes.

Among the many pretty things available I picked two of their Queen of Hearts eyeshadow palettes, 01 Essential Brown and 03 Elegant Ebony.

01 Essential Brown is your basic nude palette containing warm brown eyeshadows. In fact there have been several brands that have released such a combination of colours lately.

Kiko Daring Game collection, Queen of Hearts palette in 01 Essential Brown

The packaging is very sleek, feels sturdy and it contains quite a large mirror inside.

The eyeshadows are creamy and pigmented and were quite a surprise as I think they are better than their permanent ones.

Swatches of 01 Essential Brown

The colours in this palette include a satin pale golden beige, a shimmery coppery gold, a shimmery reddish brown and a matte medium brown.

This is one of the few palettes that have survived “the 2014 purge of doom”, as I think this is a very versatile palette and perfect for travelling.

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