Comparison: MAC Parrot and MUS Buzzer

MUS Buzzer and MAC Parrot

 For some reason I am really really drawn to intense blues and teals despite not wearing them as often as other colours. You may have noticed that in my recent post about my colour eyeshadows.

I have had MAC’s Parrot for some time now, as I acquired it when it was repromoted with the Art of the Eye collection during summer 2013 but Make Up Store’s Buzzer is a more recent addition.

MUS Buzzer and MAC Parrot

Both are very intense blues but while Parrot leans bluer, with blue and green reflections, Buzzer is a bit more turquoise with golden reflections.

As my skin’s tone leans yellow, I find myself using Buzzer more than Parrot. If Parrot is not packed on with care, the edges can turn greenish due to my skin’s tone.

In any case both are gorgeous shades, though you might have better luck finding Buzzer (and it will be cheaper) than Parrot!

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