Inspiration from the blogosphere: this week’s edition


First of all, I must clarify that I am no makeup aplication genius. All that I know I have learnt from either makeup videos or from nice MUAs who have helped me.

Consequently, there are still some areas (quite a few in fact) where I struggle.

If only I were better at eyeliner I could copy this look by Makeup Withdrawal. It is absolutely gorgeous. I really like the effect created by layering a contrasting eyeshadow on a thick eyeliner.

I also really liked her magenta/blue duochrome look. To me it looks fantastic and I would love to find similar shades so I could replicate it. I would have to hope though that I had one of my “nice blending days” or otherwise it would look disastrous!

What about you? Any inspiring posts that make you want to improve some skills?

PS: I found her while browsing for information on brushes, so if you enjoy them you might want to check her brush posts as well 😉

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