Bye byes: products leaving my stash

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For a few months now, I have been trying to purge and consolidate my stash in order to enjoy what I have and find new homes for those products that I do not use. As an added benefit, the fact that I am forcing myself to go through my products means that I find forgotten gems in it and that I am not as susceptible to the next shiny new product to pop up when I know that I already have similar products.

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The products featured here are colour products that are leaving because I either do not reach for them or because their quality is not up to par. For these reasons, I am giving these products to friends and family who will enjoy them better.

The Kiko palette, Color Fever Must Have in 03 Sophisticated Neutrals, was released in summer 2013 and contains 16 baked shadows. Its original price was 34,90€ but I bought it while it was on sale at less than half its price. The texture of this shadows reminds me of the MAC Mineralize products and the fact that Kiko too advertised them as being baked and appropriate both for dry and wet use makes me think that their composition is similar.

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The colour selection in this palette is gorgeous, with mostly vibrant shades (which amused me as the name of the palette refers to it being neutrals), and the colour payoff, as can be seen in the swatch above, is excellent. The colours are coordinated and it is as if you had four quads in one place.

Nevertheless, the fact is that I almost always reach for my free-form palettes when doing my make up and thus I feel that this palette is not being used enough. Sorry baked eyeshadows, I simply did not fall in love with you.

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The MAC palette (Warm eyes) was released in 2012 as part of the Fabulousness 2012 Holiday collection. It contains five shadows and the original price was 43€. The shadows are mostly subtle, with a golden bronze and a burgundy added as a darker shades.

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The shades contained are: Glamour Light Soft beige frost (Satin), Retrospeck Bleached blonde (Lustre), Honesty Pewtered bronze (Lustre), Cognac Frosty golden bronze (Frost) and Sketch Burgundy with red shimmer (Velvet). The three lighter shades are too pale for my liking and they are not very pigmented. I like the other two shades, but as I already own Sketch in pan form, I cannot justify keeping a palette for a single eyeshadow. Temptalia lists MAC Old Gold and MAC Romp as close dupes for Cognac, so I might check them out instead.

What I originally thought would be a very versatile and travel-friendly palette ended being a very uninspiring one which I rarely grab when doing my make up. It is a shame because the packaging sure is cute!

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Finally, the two deppoted eyeshadows are Meteorit 60 (Starlight collection) and Romantic pink 91 (Romantic bohemia collection) and costed under 4€ each. They are part of the beauty products range (Belle & Makeup) at a national supermarket chain that is trying to reproduce the success of another supermarket’s beauty range products (Deliplus).

I will unapologetically confess that these two were impulse buys: I saw them while shopping for groceries and simply grabbed them even though I knew the quality would not be much to write home about.

I really like the colour of Romantic pink, which combines pink, bronze and brown. Since buying them though, I have acquired a close dupe for it and I am happy to be able to ditch these two as they are dusty and fade quickly even though I always wear both a primer and a paint pot underneath my eyeshadows!

2 thoughts on “Bye byes: products leaving my stash

  1. Woah, the eyeshadows you’ve swatched from the KIKO palette look amazing! Can’t wait for you to post more blog posts ^_^


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